This guide has many of the most common problems people encounter when trying to install or configure a client.
Why isn't my password for MyProxy working. Nothing has changed.
PAM ("pluggable authentication module") authentication challenge issue. Certain authentication methods (such as Two Factor) sometimes require a random challenge be answered. MyProxy does not support these challenges. As such, you must log in elsewhere and answer the challenge there before you can log in with MyProxy. This is documented here.
I get a host unverified exception trying to connect to the server.
Host verification is enforced. If a server's name does not match exactly then SSL will reject the attempt to connect.This means that the server's certificate is incorrect and the issue lies at their end.
I get a connection refused exception trying to connect to the server.
"Connection refused" means that your client is not trusted by the server. This might be because of several issues, but it all boils down to one thing: your client does not have a certificate that the server trusts. If the server has a self-signed cert, then the server administrators must make the client aware of this and issue certs appropriately. once the client has a certificate, specify it for the client using the keystore configuration.